About Us

SAJ Engg. Co. is established after recognising the need for a manufacturing company able to utilise a good working knowledge of the composites industry and to enable the economic manufacture of superior quality Custom mouldings for a broad spectrum of end user applications whilst understanding the need for a reliable service and the ability to meet delivery schedules whilst being flexible.

SAJ Engg. Co specialise in the design and manufacture of superior quality GRP {GLASS REINFORCED PLASTIC }composite mouldings for most applications, our highly skilled team have years of experience in this specialised field which is essential when expect from us, we strictly monitor Quality control to ensure that the highest standards are maintained through out the manufacturing process, this enables us to dispatch products from the factory confident that, dimensionally, structurally, and aesthetically they are perfect.

With our innovative expertise, track record and reputation, SAJ Engg. Co holds a prominent position in this highly specialised field of GRP composite moulding, we have manufactured a diverse range of products for a widely varied customer base, ranging from, architectural, automotive, marine, leisure, construction, industrial, and specialist applications.

GRP is perhaps the most versatile construction material known today, it can offer the designer a wide scope for complexity of shape and can prove very cost effective when designed correctly, during the design process you can utilise the many inherent material characteristics that GRP has to offer, such as dimensional stability, strength, lightness of weight, choice of colour, and a multitude of finishes, so there is almost no limit to the complexity of shape, surface appearance, scale of work, achievable in GRP, the only limit is your imagination !